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MasterCard World Elite Travel Insurance

World Elite provides you access to a variety of benefits that aren't always available with credit cards. World Elite credit cards are often ideal for travel, with the extra benefit of travel insurance. This is a significant feature that should be considered when choosing a World Elite MasterCard. The cost of travel insurance varies depending on the credit card company. Some insurance companies provide a broader range of coverage, while others provide a greater level of coverage for each type of insurance. Make sure to look into which MasterCard credit cards provide insurance and how much it costs. Choosing the proper credit card for you can help you avoid the expenses of extra travel or purchase insurance, as well as the costs of not having insurance.

If you're searching for a World Elite Mastercard, you have a few alternatives. We recommend the BMO World Elite MasterCard or the WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard if travel insurance is essential to you. Here's what each card has to offer:

Insurance TypeBMO World Elite MasterCard
WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard
Travel Medical Insurance $2 million
21 days (under 65)
15 days (under 65)
3 days (over 65)
Travel Accident insurance Up to $500,000Up to $500,000
Trip Cancellation Insurance $2,500 per person
$5,000 per trip
Not available
Trip Interruption and Delay Insurance $2,000 per trip$5,000 per person
$25,000 per trip
Car Rental Collision Damage Waiver Insurance Up to $65,000Up to $65,000
Flight Delay Insurance $500 per trip
(6+ hour delay)
$250 per person
$500 per trip
(4+ hour delay)
Lost Baggage Insurance $750 per person
$2,000 per trip
$500 per person
$2,500 per trip
Baggage Delay Insurance $200 per person
(12+ hour delay)
$500 per person
$2,500 per trip
(4+ hour delay)
Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance Not available$2,500 per occurrence
Purchase Security Insurance Within 90 days of purchase
lifetime maximum of $60,000
Within 90 days of purchase
lifetime maximum of $50,000
Extended Warranty Insurance Up to one yearUp to one year
Price Protection Insurance Not availableNot available

The following are the many forms of insurance given by credit card companies:

Travel medical insurance

If you, your spouse, or any dependent children require medical treatment while on vacation, travel medical insurance will cover you. You may rest easy knowing that you and your family are covered for a variety of unforeseen medical costs. The insurance coverage is usually for a fixed length of time and has a maximum coverage amount. For example, if you fall while on vacation and need stitches, your travel medical insurance will cover all of your hospital expenses.

Travel accident insurance

In the event that someone experiences a loss as a consequence of bodily harm while occupying a common carrier vehicle (for example, an aircraft or train) or at an airport, terminal, or station, travel accident insurance will cover you, your spouse, and any dependant children. The loss of life, speech, hearing, or limbs are all examples of physical losses. Travel accident insurance is a type of life and disability insurance that only applies when you're aboard a commercial airline.

Trip cancellation insurance

When you need to cancel a vacation due to unforeseen circumstances, travel cancellation insurance can help. One scenario in which you could need to use this insurance is if you become wounded and are unable to travel (for example, you have adverse reactions to vaccinations required for your trip). The last thing you want is for all of your hard-earned cash to go to waste. You won't have to be concerned with travel cancellation insurance. Instead, you may use the money you were refunded to start arranging another vacation. Individual insurance companies will specify a number of reasons for cancellation that are suitable. Only nonrefundable expenditures up to a certain level will be covered by the insurance. Review your personal insurance coverage to make sure you know what's covered and what isn't.

Trip interruption and delay insurance

When you have to cancel or delay part of a vacation due to unforeseen circumstances, travel cancellation insurance kicks in. This may be anything from an injury preventing you from completing your journey to bad weather causing you to miss a connecting flight. When the cause is qualified for coverage, you'll be repaid for any non-refundable expenditures up to a certain amount.

Car rental collision damage waiver insurance

When you hire a car using a credit card, you may get rental car insurance to help cover the cost of damages or theft. This insurance does not cover liability and only provides a limited amount of coverage. This implies that if the automobile is damaged or stolen, you and the leased vehicle are insured, whether or not it was your fault. However, it excludes coverage for damage to other vehicles, people, or property. For instance, if you hit the curb while trying to park, the damage to the rental car is covered. However, if you collide with another vehicle, the damage to that vehicle is not covered. When you're relying on your credit card's rental vehicle insurance, this is the most crucial item to keep in mind.

Flight delay insurance

When your flight is delayed for a lengthy amount of time, flight delay insurance might assist pay some of the additional costs. In order to obtain this coverage, the trip must typically be delayed several hours (for example, if bad weather prevents your return flight from taking off until the next day). Flight delay insurance will assist in covering costs such as food and lodging. You should expect the insurance company to pay you for reasonable and necessary expenditures incurred during the delay period. There will be a cap on the amount of money that can be reimbursed.

Lost luggage insurance

When your luggage is lost or damaged while in the hands of a common carrier, you might get reimbursement. Although having your personal items lost or stolen may be incredibly upsetting, with this insurance, you won't have to worry about the expenditures that will be lost as a consequence. Note that the insurance will only cover a certain amount and will come with a list of exclusions that you should carefully study.Baggage delay insurance

When you arrive at your destination and your luggage do not arrive at the same time, baggage delay insurance reimburses you for your expenditures. On a trip with several connections, it's conceivable that your luggage won't arrive on schedule or in the right condition. Delayed baggage protection can pay you for expenditures such as toiletries and clothing if you have to wait hours for your luggage to arrive. Only necessary things will be covered up to a certain value, and claims must be submitted within a certain time frame after the flight's arrival. This is true if you checked your bags with a commercial airline.

Hotel/motel burglary insurance

Burglary insurance for hotels and motels protects personal belongings from theft or damage while you're staying there. However, the things that are covered are limited, and there must be evident indications of forced entry.

Purchase security insurance

Purchase security insurance covers your purchases for a set amount of time after they are made in the event that they are lost, stolen, or destroyed. Prior to depending on your insurance, you should be informed of the restrictions to which goods you may claim and the acceptable causes for the loss, theft, or damage of the item.

Extended warranty insurance

Your warranty will be extended for up to a year if you purchase extended warranty insurance. This can provide additional protection for your purchases without the need to pay for additional warranty coverage.

Price protection insurance

If you locate a recently purchased item at a lower price or an identical item at a lower price within a certain time period, you may utilize price protection insurance to cover the difference. In most cases, there is a minimum and maximum compensation amount.